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Bud Patterson

Vice President of A Foreign Affair

bud patterson

"It's amazing how answering one little ad in the newspaper 10 years ago has changed my life so dramatically," says Bud Patterson, Vice President of Domestic Operations. Bud first joined AFA in late 2001 just one month before embarking on his first romance tour to St. Petersburg, Russia. "I had no idea what to think of all this but I always wanted to visit Russia and AFA provided me the opportunity to realize that dream. Little did I know how I would meet my future wife at the first social of the first romance tour I ever did!"

Indeed, Bud met his Victoria while standing outside the social venue. "She passed by and said 'Hello,' first. I said 'Hello' back and she shyly looked away. And I thought, 'Wow, that's so cute - a lovely girl who'se also shy." So Bud went back inside to talk more to her - and the rest is history! For the next 3 years Bud would successfully coach hundreds of men through the international introduction process.

Says Bud, "I literally said to John, as I departed for Russia the first time, 'Just for the record, I have no interest in meeting anyone, I just want to see Russia. And that lasted all of 24 hours before I met Victoria!"

Bud and Victoria corresponded and dated for another year, then got engaged in December 2002. A Fiancee Visa was granted in Oct 2003 and Victoria arrived in Phoenix with her son, Sergei, in January of 2004. In order to be closer to his older children, Bud relocated his family to the midwest and worked as an affiliate partner of AFA for the next 7 years. "Along the way we added a little girl, Leeza, and Sergei grew to an incredible 6' 3" as a high school freshman!" I have a great family, a terrific life-mate, and I am as blessed as blessed can be."

After writing Foreign Bride 101, a how-to for nice guys trying to find their international life-partner, Bud hosted seminars and conducted AFA's famous Monday night live conferences for the next 7 years, continuing to impact hundreds of couples at various stages in the process. In April, 2011, Bud rejoined the staff in Phoenix, assuming his current role at A Foreign Affair. "I'm as excited as I have ever been to be a part of this incredible company and this amazing experience for so many guys. I can't wait to make new friends, share new experiences and help more and more people live the dream of happily-ever-after."

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